We have worked with CPD for close to 30 years; they have never let us down. Ron Stair is the smartest man I know and he has always been able to get an answer for any question that I ask, even when totally unrelated to the work he does for us. The staff of CPD has always been quick to respond on any matter.

This company has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in the years that we worked with them. I can recommend CPD without hesitation.

Edmond O. Mukamal D.D.S.

CPD has the right people, doing the right job, at the right price.

Matthew S. Sinclair, CLU®

I have known Dr. Ron Stair well for over twenty years. During this time Ron set up and administered plans for my office and ambulatory surgical facility for which I am themanaging partner. The plans he developed were custom made to our needs and have served me and my partners needs extremely well. His fees have been reasonable and he has always went out of his to be available for questions.

I would certainly highly recommend his firm, Creative Plan Design, to anyone looking to enhance their retirement savings.

Dr. Robert Klein

Ron is an actuary, has a PHD from MIT, owns a company called Creative Plan Designs, and is probably one of the smartest guys I know. He has incredible expertise in pension plan designs. He fixes them when they are broken, and suggests ways to make even good ones better.

Please do yourself and your clients a favor. Based on my endorsement, take Ron’s call and schedule a meeting with him. After you’ve met Ron, you can thank me the next time we speak.

Bruce Mendelson