When was the last time you looked at your retirement plan?

More significantly, who looked at it? Do you really know what’s waiting for you?

A bad design or improper administration of a plan can look fine to unqualified eyes but, in reality, there are likely hidden issues just waiting to bite back.

It’s an astonishing fact, but the third party administrator’s function within the retirement planning industry is not regulated. Literally, anyone can claim to be a planning expert. Accreditation is optional, as is licensing.

What makes CPD different? That’s simple.

  • Our firm is accredited.

    Our firm is CEFEX certified. This attests that we meet and maintain the highest level of fiduciary responsibility for each and every CPD client.

  • Our people are accredited.

    All plan administrators are credentialed in the retirement planning field by recognized organizations. Never, ever does an unskilled clerk or foreign national have any sway over a CPD plan.

  • We work for you, not commission.

    We do not receive asset gathering fees from investment houses and as such, owe them no loyalty. Our only loyalty is to our clients. We do not serve two masters. All our compensation is above board and disclosed. Our compensation is not increased when a client’s retirement portfolio increases in value.