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CPD generates leading edge retirement plan strategies which provide higher rates of employer contributions to owners and executives.

Our highly qualified plan consultants provide consultative, high touch service to clients while maintaining compliance with all government regulatory standards.

Why CPD retirement plan services?

We are consultative. We ask pertinent questions to design a retirement plan that suits your unique requirements.

Our Unique Capabilities

We are the go to firm in our industry for complex compliance issues and error resolution.

Thought Leadership

Other TPA’s often rely on our expertise and ask us for help.

Our Services

Our client services are divided into a distinct but intertwined suite of retirement planning and advisory capabilities.


Formed in 1979, CPD has long been known for solving the most complicated and convoluted retirement plan problems. read more >>


One-stop shop vendors, have a one-track mind; collecting and managing assets. Plan administration is low on their list of priorities. CPD, on the other hand, does not sell product nor collect assets.   read more >>


When legislative, regulatory or legal changes impact your retirement plan, you need specific guidance tailored to your situation.    read more >>

Leading Edge Plan Design

The design of your plan is one of the most important parts of the retirement process. A well-designed plan can create efficiencies, avoid fiduciary pitfalls and even enhance employee retention.   read more >>


Our services allow clients to focus on
growing and managing their businesses.

Our Team

  • Ronald K. Stair

    Founder & CEO

    Ronald K. Stair is the Principal & CEO of Creative Plan Designs, Ltd. With over forty years of experience...

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  • Rachelle S. Neuwirth

    Vice President of Business Development

    Rachelle joined Creative Plan Designs in January 2018 as Vice President of Business Development. ...

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  • Andrew Zimny

    Director of Actuarial Services

    Andy has been Director of Actuarial Services at Creative Plan Designs since 2012. He has been an...

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  • Susan Vollmer

    Senior Retirement Plan Consultant

    Susan serves as a Senior Retirement Plan Consultant and has been with the firm since 1996. In addition...

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